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To manage excellent properties, we need excellent people.

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As a minority shareholder in a previous property management business, our founder Elley recognised that property owners deserved better and the industry needed to vastly improve; from how property owners were serviced through to fostering young talent coming through the ranks.

This is how Excellence Property was born.

As North Queensland’s most innovative property management agency, we promise excellent property management services with a difference.

At Excellence, we treat your property like our own. We use our bespoke methods and systems to match excellent properties with excellent tenants, to deliver maximum return, respective to your individual needs.

We endeavour to alleviate the pain and fuss of the rental experience, so you can focus on the more important things in life. We firmly believe that transparency is key, and our highly experienced team will walk you through every step of the process providing you with peace of mind.

We are so confident in our ability to service our clients at the highest of standards, we guarantee it.


From a very early age, my parents instilled in me that if you are going to do something, do it to the best of your ability. The greatest part about this lesson was not just that it set me up to succeed in life, but that it extended beyond that to my overall character. It shaped how I treat people, and how I allow others to treat me.

Prior to Excellence Property, I co-owned an agency where I was a minority shareholder. As a minority shareholder, I was essentially still an employee with minimal control over how things were done. As an enthusiastic change agent with a drive for excellence, it emerged quite quickly that it wouldn’t be a long-term arrangement.

Despite parting ways, that experience is still one of my most valued. My passion for the industry was alight and I was able to establish my professional compass. I learnt how to excel in property management, how to help owners achieve the best return on their investment whilst also helping good tenants have a great rental experience.


Elley Hudson Principal & Director


We actively cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion amongst our workforce, as we firmly believe that different life and professional experiences are a key ingredient to our business’s success.

Our people are our most important asset and excellent people should be rewarded with limitless career opportunities in a safe and supportive environment. We encourage all of our team to operate with an entrepreneurial spirit and owner mindset.

Guidelines for excellent people:

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People who share a passion for our purpose and vision

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People who share the same belief in our core values

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People who aspire to be the best they can and are willing to continue improving and increasing their skills

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People who embrace challenge and change

To see our guidelines for excellent owners, tenants and properties, check out the Why choose us? page.

Elley Hudson Excellence Property Founder

Elley Hudson

Principal & Director

Born and raised in North West Queensland, Elley’s down-to-earth nature doesn’t allow her to treat people like a number, which has resulted in the creation of many great relationships.

Elley has built her career in the property management industry from the bottom up. Now with 12 years of experience, Elley first started as a receptionist when she was only 17 years old. She has developed and managed property management agencies in Townsville and Brisbane and has made the final leap in her career which is to have an agency of her own – Excellence Property.

After years of frustration with how poorly property management agencies were managed, Elley decided it was time to take a stand and start providing a professional service to owners, which many agencies claim to do but don’t actually follow through on.

By developing the Excellence Method, and working with excellent people who are trained and educated in the industry, Elley has created a fool proof system that ensures her owners only receive the most accurate, timely and genuine service possible.

Kellie Wilson Business Development Manager

Kellie Wilson

Business Development Manager

Kellie is the perfect fit for our Business Development Manager. After managing a clothing company store with excellent leadership and working first-hand with real estate for over a year, Kellie has all the necessary skills needed to grow our business. Working with Kellie is also an extremely pleasant experience due to the fact she is one of the most accepting and congenial people you’ll ever meet.

In her own time, Kellie likes quiet days at home playing video games with her husband (when he’s not away working), practicing tarot card reading and spending time with her two cats and one dog. She also loves watching movies, catching up on TV and cracking a joke or two to lighten up everyone’s mood.

Her favourite thing about working at Excellence (besides playtime with our office pup Coco) is the fact everyone loves teamwork, which makes her excited to walk through our doors every morning.

Jess Coates Operations Manager

Jess Coates

Operations Manager

Thanks to her 11 years of experience in the real estate and insurance industries, Jess know what it takes to get the job done.

When she’s not hard at work, Jess is making sure the culture and team environment at the office is always positive with her cheery smile and sense of humour. In the future, Jess wants to make sure that she has a career and not just a job to ensure that her partner and their adorable daughter are provided for. Part of making that goal a reality has been the decision to move from a small country town in South Australia to the sunny capital of North Queensland.

Away from the office, Jess is very much an outdoorsy type of person. She loves camping on the beach, 4WDing, swiming and holidaying. She also never misses the opportunity to get out to a prime watering hole to catch some of the beautiful fish on offer.

Jessie Cripps Owner Team

Jessie Cripps

Owner Team

Preceding Excellence Property, Jessie was a qualified hairdresser that worked as a beauty therapist. However, things in life rarely stay the same. After Jessie became a Mum, her life changed dramatically, and she found herself wanting to try something new. Jessie hopes that, in the future, this will teach her daughter that you shouldn’t settle for anything not perfectly suited for who you are.

Jessie loves the Excellence team environment, which is unlike anything she’s ever experienced. Regardless of the challenges that come her way, Jessie is always able to feed off the vibe of the office to feel uplifted and inspired. In her downtime, she can be found admirably entertaining and keeping up with her toddler.

An interesting fact about Jessie is that she has roots in the beautiful Northern Territory, just like Jess, our Operations Manager. The two of them are also the only mothers in the PM team. To top it off, their names are almost identical! Talk about a crazy coincidence.

Lola Ten Dam Tenant Team

Lola Ten Dam

Tenant Team

Lola joined Excellence Property in 2021 looking for a fresh start and that’s exactly what she got. In no time at all, she was able to find her place in the team and embrace our values. Coming from the Netherlands when she was young, she has grown to be full of energy and welcomes challenge and change like no other, which is why we are truly fortunate she found our agency.

One of Lola’s favourite things about Excellence is the endless opportunities to develop her professional identity, which has always been her long-term career goal. Away from work, Lola likes to spend as much time as possible in the open air. From hanging out with dachshund doggies to gardening to partaking in water-based adventures, she’s a true outdoorsman in every sense. She also loves bringing along her camera to document the excitement.

Prior to Excellence, Lola worked at sport and clothing stores, which gave her the customer experience required to provide owners and tenants with excellent service. Lola is also always open to trying new hobbies, meaning she has the self-confidence and mental discipline to tackle anything that gets thrown her way.

Georgia Spina Tenant Team Leader

Georgia Spina

Tenant Team Leader

Our favourite thing about our Tenant Team Leader is her magnetic personality. She’s bubbly, personable, outgoing and incredibly kind, and owners, tenants and our team absolutely love her for it.

Georgia brings with her a lot of very useful experience, particularly the strong customer service skills she gained from her time in retail, where she learned that helping people is very near and dear to her heart. Outside of work, she likes to aid the community by volunteering as an event organiser and leader for her church. She also loves to lend an empathetic ear to anyone who needs it.

Georgia’s hobbies include hiking, skating with her dog Willow and generally anything that takes place outdoors. She also loves reading a good book whenever she has the chance. Her values are integrity, honesty and always being dependable, making us extremely lucky to have this Townsville local on our team.

Coco Office Dog


Office Dog

Coco is an adorable little daschund that spends the majority of her days in our office. Some of her favourite activities include chasing after her toys, having a few snoozes, tugging on her blanket and leaving little surprises around the office. On Wednesdays, Coco attends doggy daycare, where she loves to hang out with the carers, grow in confidence and get lots of cuddles.

Coco joined the Excellence family in early 2022 and belongs to our founder, Elley. Since coming into our lives, Coco has helped us reduce our stress, increase our collaboration and boost our morale (despite her tendency to create the odd rampage here and there). Coco also loves when visitors come into the office, so if you haven’t seen her yet, make sure you come in soon and say hello!

Jordan McSweeney Marketing Manager

Jordan McSweeney

Marketing Manager

After high school, Jordan left Townsville to attend the University of Canberra for three years to obtain a Bachelor of Journalism. Upon graduating, he decided to move back home to be closer to his friends and family. For a while, Jordan had trouble finding a job that allowed him to use the skills he had learnt at University but all of that changed when he came across Excellence Property.

Now, Jordan is the manager of our marketing department and gets to use his writing and communication talents, knowledge of media production and his attention to detail to publish all kinds of engaging and relevant content for our online platforms.

Away from work, Jordan is a big sports fan. He enjoys cheering on the Cowboys, the Maroons and the West Coast Eagles whenever he can. He also loves reading, spending time with his partner, going to the movies and hanging out with his friends as often as possible.


To learn about Rob Levy, our digital marketing specialist and lead sales trainer, please click here.

Jess Whaites Sales Agent

Jess Whaites

Sales Agent

With twelve years in the real estate industry, working in a multitude of roles from administration to office manager and now sales agent, Jess has collaborated with some of the top people in the Townsville real estate market. From these people, Jess has learnt that relationships are the most important thing in life and business.

That’s why her communication is so diligent, her customer service is so exceptional and why she always goes the extra mile for buyers and sellers. In fact, since joining Excellence Property in early 2022, Jess has hit the ground running, reached a whole new level and proven herself as the perfect person for seamlessness and success.

Not only has Jess developed an absolute love for the local property market but she’s fallen in love with the wonderful city of Townsville we get to call home. That’s why, in her spare time, Jess likes to explore our gorgeous North Queensland paradise, cheer on the Cowboys and find beautiful spots to relax with her loved ones.

Kelsie Singe Executive Assistant

Kelsie Singe

Executive Assistant

Kelsie’s long-term career goal is to become a sales agent and move overseas to Canada or New Zealand. At the moment, however, she’s enjoying her time with our hilarious team and crazy office dog. She also loves the fact that every day feels different and presents her with an exciting set of new challenges.

Before Excellence Property, Kelsie was the Practice Manager at a chiropractor. She’s also worked in administration and childcare, where the babies provided her with endless hours of joy. Away from work, Kelsie likes to spend time with Charlie, her rescue greyhound. She’s also fond of swimming in waterfalls and sipping on a tasty margarita after a hard day’s work at the office.

A fun fact about Kelsie is that she’s a dedicated vegan. In fact, she’s been one for the past four years! Her favourite place to eat is Shorehouse, where she can enjoy meals with a panoramic view, while her ultimate food obsession is absolutely anything Mexican.


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