When you’re with Excellence Property, a lack of communication becomes a thing of the past.

One of the most frequent complaints raised by owners in the property management industry is the lack of communication they receive from their property management agency.

From not returning phone calls in a timely manner OR not providing accurate and genuine feedback when things arise with your property, owners are often left in the dark.

We combine our method and systems, with excellent people who are trained and educated in the industry to ensure you receive accurate, timely and genuine advice and service. This starts and ends with how we communicate with you.


Our aim is to meet your expectations by responding to your email or phone call in a timely manner AND to ensure our communication is proactive. This means you shouldn’t have to contact us to find out what’s going on.

Our intention is that when we do speak to you, we’re informative, accurate and provide expert advice so that you can make the right decisions about your property.

This does not mean we’re going to contact you every time your tenant sends us an email. Part of trusting us with the management of your property means that we need to be able to make decisions on your behalf in line with your instructions. We will, of course, keep you informed along the way.

Here is a summary of what you can expect and when.

lack of communication


We know that it is our responsibility to keep you informed, unless you have instructed us otherwise. In the first instance, we will pick up the phone and call the phone numbers you have provided to us.
If you’re unavailable (which is most often the case otherwise you wouldn’t have employed us) we will make a decision on your behalf if it is appropriate to do so and will send you an email to let you know what we have done.

This way, we can take action on what needs to be done but, you will know exactly what is happening and when.


We know that nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for information for days on end especially where your investment property is concerned.

If you call or send an email to us, we will respond within 1 business day, no excuses.

Lack of communication is absolutely unacceptable. So much so that we have a communication guarantee. We know how important it is that we get back to you as promised.


If for whatever reason, your tenant falls behind on their rent, we will notify you as a worst case within the first 3 days of them being in arrears.

We will let you know the important information and using our expertise, what we propose as an action plan to resolve the situation.

Find out how we handle any rent arrears on your property.


We receive many maintenance request from tenants, but not all of them are genuine, Many can be dealt with by the tenant themselves, without sending a tradesman to the property.

Your tenants deserve to be responded to promptly. A lack of communication with tenants is not uncommon among many property managers.

Once we have determined that a maintenance request is genuine, we use our ‘General Communications’ policy to proceed thereafter.

If a tenant notifies us of an urgent maintenance issue, we will prioritize and resolve it as quickly as possible, We contact you as the owner as soon as possible, depending on the severity of the issue.

Click for more information about how we handle maintenance on your property.

Preventative maintenance & newsletters

We know that to be your trusted expert, we need to provide you with helpful information throughout the year.

Each month we publish a newsletter with useful information about things we believe would be interesting and informative to you.

As part of this, we will send you preventative maintenance offers and reminders (for example, getting the gutters cleaned and roof inspected before cyclone season).

Routine inspections

We do routine inspectiion on your property at least twice per year. Upon completion of each routine inspection, we will send you a photographic report of your property. Each photo will be dated and time stamped as evidence of the inspection on that date.

We will grade your tenant’s routine inspection from excellent through to unacceptable and we will provide comments throughout the report on how your tenant is keeping the property.

Find more information about how we handle routine inspections.

Financial reporting

We know that having access to your financial information is important to you! That’s why we deliver a detailed statement of any income and expenditure for your property for each reporting period. We can do this for you either twice or once monthly, depending on your needs. You will also receive access to copies of any invoices we have paid on your behalf.

And at tax time? Not a problem! We will provide you with a fully itemised financial yearly summary for any income and expenditure we have dealt with on your behalf. All you need to do is give this statement to your accountant and, tax done.

As part of our reporting service, you will also have 24/7 access to your information online. Go to the PropertyMe Client access portal.

When your property is vacant

As soon as we know your property is going to become vacant, we contact you straight away to let you know.

During the process of us finding you a new excellent tenant, we know this time is stressful. Lack of communication at this part of the management could cost you thousands. We ramp up our communication with you to ensure you know what is happening and are comfortable with the process.

Feedback calls

When your property is being advertised for a new tenant, we will call you at least once a week to give you an update.

Owner reports

When your property is being advertised for a new tenant, you will receive at least 1 email each week with an update and advice on anything that needs to be done to help get your property rented faster!

Find more information on how we get your property rented for the highest price, in the shortest time.

When your tenant’s lease is due to expire

We understand that it can also be equally as stressful when your tenants lease is coming up to expire as this could result in a vacancy.

We start contacting your tenants at least 2 months before their lease expires to try to negotiate a new lease with them. You will also receive an email from us advising that their lease is coming up. We will also keep you informed throughout the process via phone and email until we know what the outcome is.

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